Nigel S Dobbie's definitive book on Corvette racing

About the Author

GM Corvette racing car

Photo by GM Media

Nigel Scott Dobbie is a Business Intelligence Consultant based in the UK. He was born in September 1962 in Somerset, England.  His father was a Royal Navy fighter pilot based at RNAS Yeovilton.

From a young age Nigel’s father would purchase him small Dinky and Corgi car models and one of these was a C2 Corvette Coupe. Seemingly endless house moves are part and parcel of the life of a military family and during one of these moves the beloved Corvette was lost and this led to Nigel’s lifelong obsession with the brand.

Nigel S Dobbie has been writing articles about Corvette Racing since he first went to Le Mans in 2000 and felt that now was the time to write the complete history of the GT1 Corvettes.

A Kinsler racing fuel-injection system, with elaborate cross-ram air horns and a composite airbox between the engine and the hood, breathed through an air intake behind the headlamps…

Extract from Nigel S Dobbie’s new book